Leading With Love

For today, in this moment,  I choose love

I choose to feel all four corners of my two feet on the earth,
taking purposeful steps along the path of alignment.
I choose to walk this path with an open heart and a mind that is infinitely curious.

I choose warmth and kindness within myself and towards all beings--
to live in joy and spontaneity, balanced with integrity and grace.
I choose courageous connection and embodied ease,
on the mat, off the mat, in my community and with myself.

For today, I choose my practice--
the practice of yoga that continues to inspire me to live my best life.
The practice that brings me that much closer to my breathing body and beating heart.
The practice that awakens me, holds me and grounds me in my own essence so that I can more effectively lead with love, devotion and humility.

Today, I choose love in all its forms--
physically, in how I am treating my body;
mentally, in how I am engaging with my internal dialogue;
emotionally,  in how patient and kind I am being with myself;
and spiritually, in how committed I am to my practice. 

If only for today, I encourage you to make a declaration towards your own personal prayer. 
What are you standing for within yourself? 
What are you choosing to embody, embrace, cultivate and create?
What are you calling in and how are your actions aligning with this intention?

May you walk the path of alignment and when all else fails,

May you choose love-- over and over again.