Intimacy With Breath, Intimacy With Life


For me, 2016 was a year of immense learning and growth. It was a year that showed me the importance of self-care and self-compassion; a year that asked me to get in touch with my own personal needs, from the inside out and to explore my own artistry and creativity along the way. 2016 was a  year that taught me the true power of my practice as a vehicle to strengthen the muscle of intuition and to ground me in intention. 

As I look ahead into this New Year, I find myself honoring and inspired by the interconnectedness of all things, finding home in the midst of  dualities, from the ups and downs to the twists and turns all along the waves of the inhales and exhales...

"To be intimate with the breath is to be intimate with life itself-- and what is more important than being intimate with life?"

These are the words I heard all weekend from renowned teacher, Mark Whitwhell. Mark travels the world sharing his knowledge and teaching about the intersection and interconnectedness of yoga and intimacy. He shared with us his belief that yoga is intimacy in action and that the purpose of our asana practice is "to facilitate the merging of opposites," from the inhale and exhale to the masculine and feminine. It is in this way that though our practice, by way of breath, we are simply bridging the gap between the unknown and known, always landing back in the center, right at the heart.

In this year, may our practice continue to bring us closer to our personal truths along our personal paths. May we take refuge in the rise of the inhale and the fall of the exhale, noticing the flow of breath as a direction reflection of the intricate and intimate flow of life itself...

Lauren Cohen