Reflection, Creation, Integration

This time of year, and especially this day, is a time for reflection and  creation; an auspicious time to reflect upon the past year and to envision what lies ahead as we welcome in yet another new beginning. 

The last few weeks have had me slowing down-- talking, doing and moving less than I'm used to. I've never spent so much time consistently doing a whole lot of nothing. In this space I'm finding that I can see more clearly into what I want to create moving forward, professionally and personally. I can actually feel my own heart communicating and it feels powerful to be listening attentively.

In terms of looking ahead towards this new year (I like to think of it simply as a new chapter), I find myself prioritizing a different type of creation. Rather than get lost  in and overwhelmed by lists of goals achieve, I find myself anchored in a deep internal commitment to feeling whole and integrated as a human being. Integrated in the sense that my many facets and layers are working together and that I am embracing and inviting in all aspects of myself in all that I do. To know (and trust) that there is no shadow too dark to walk through and that every shadow offers an opportunity for light to shine and be ignited in others. Above all else, this journey of integration prioritizes how I am and who I am over the things that I can check off a bucket list.

As you move through your own process of reflection and creation, may you go easy on yourself and honor the many things you have to celebrate this holiday season. May you tune into the ways in which your practice sustains and inspires you and consider how you can continue to invite it into all that you do and all that you are.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and a vital part of my growth as a human being, on this path of wholehearted living and integration. As always, cheers to letting it all unfold moment-to-moment, breath-by-breath.

Lauren Cohen