The Essence of Time

Time... How quickly it moves. 

When a moment becomes a memory almost instantly; when that which we once anticipated turns to a point of reflection. Time is fleeting and ongoing. It passes without pause, and yet I find myself wishing for that magic button that allows for time to simply stand still. 

For so long I've had the feeling of constantly playing catch up; catching up to others and catching up to myself. Lately I've been contemplating the essence of time and how regardless of circumstance, it goes on. How do we cherish meaningful moments even as they become memories? How do we stay in the dance of the breath before getting lost in the narrative of stories, held together by fear, doubt and shame? How can we engage in the process of creation and curation without needing to reach a particular outcome? Can we go towards our dreams, hold our memories as gems written in time and still be here, now? 

This is just one of many reasons I love the yoga practice. On my mat I often have the sense that as I flow, time freezes. I feel the movement show up as a means to cultivate stillness. More often than not I am able to find and feel an internal pause, where nothing exists outside of the present moment and it's just me and my breath, almost as though I can transcend time. It is essence at its finest- indescribable and undefinable. 

Essence is defined as "the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character." As time passes, from minutes to hours, from morning to night, from season to season, how do we stay engaged and inspired by the essence of it all? To be engaged in the moments in between landmarks, to remain curious within the subtleties and to look towards the practices that inspire a sense of stillness within...

Time... it moves quickly.

May we stay present, may we pause in the midst of movement, may we engage within the threads of anticipation and reflection and above all else, may we continue to make the most of it-- moment to moment, breath by breath.

Lauren Cohen