New Year, ALL of You

There's that age-old phrase: 'New Year, New You.' And while this time of year certainly is a potent time to create meaningful intentions, it is also a time that can be pressure-filled -- the pressure to get rid of all of the negative habits and patterns and cultivate all of the good ones; to find the perfect diet, the best workout regimen, the ideal wardrobe. What if we were to perhaps soften all of these expectations and instead commit to presence? Landing in what is, embracing what is and staying mindful, discerning and curious every step of the way?

Instead of 'New Year, New You' consider 'New Year, ALL of You' -- a commitment to stand in your truth, to show up fully, to play big and to honor all of you, from the things you love to the things you don't. Take baby steps. Set goals that feel inspiring and realistic. Don't force yourself to do it all overnight, just because the calendar says it's January 2019. I'm reminding myself to do the same...

For me, this first month of the year is about grounding and spaciousness; giving myself the time and space to daydream, to create and to rest for the sake of rest. I have made some room in my schedule to invite in new opportunities, ones I'm not even sure exist yet. I am creating content for classes, workshops and retreats that I feel will help me show up more fully as a teacher and that keep me in the seat of the student. I am inspired to go deeper with you; to dive into the heart of the practice and to facilitate experiences that help you to cultivate your own inner knowing, vibrancy and power.

May this new beginning be just that -- a new beginning. In it may you find the space you need to slowly but surely make your dreams realities and to follow your innate instinct to be well. May you embrace all of you and all that you have to offer: moment-to-moment, breath-by-breath.

Lauren Cohen