Spaciousness & Insight

Lately I am inspired by the sensation of spaciousness and how it forms a solid foundation from which insight can spontaneously arise, usually in moments of stillness. In other words, the more space we can create in the body, the more likely it is that we can tune into the wisdom and intelligence that lives deep within -- what Iyengar referenced as "the intelligence of the heart."

Much of yoga philosophy teaches us that we are merely looking to remember what we may have forgotten or lost sight of over time; to return to our true essence and to our innate sense of wisdom, beyond the stories, fears and doubts developed over time. To access this knowing we must slow down, establish an even cadence to the breath and have the courage to go on the journey inwards, wholeheartedly.

I used to approach my yoga practice simply as a way to move energy in my body and to get out of my head. I approached it like I approached everything else-- the faster the better; the "stronger" the  better; the more I could "do" or fit in, the better. In this way it became more of an escape route; a way to run from what I was hiding from. Over the last few years and certainly this past year, my practice has shifted into more of an internal exploration; a way to slow down so that my own sense of knowing can reveal itself. I  cannot move quickly or rush my way through a practice. I value the pauses more than ever before. My morning sit no longer feels negotiable. And above all else, a deep, nourishing practice is measured by its felt impact in the moments after I roll up my mat; how I engage in my life, and most importantly, how I engage with myself.

I know one thing for certain: the more I practice, the more I feel mySelf; the Self that knows contentment and can trust in the always-evolving mystery of life. The Self that is inspired and curious, rather than anxious and resentful. The Self that does not need to prove her worth through the things she accomplishes, but rather, the Self that is worthy and enough, as is. 

Throughout the next few months I am excited to bring more special offerings in the form of extended classes and workshops that can offer a deeper sense of spaciousness. From longer, soulful flows to meaningful and rich discussions to time and space to sit still and hit pause -- all in service of tuning in and turning into the intelligence of intuition and the beauty of spontaneous insight, gratitude and humility: moment-to-moment, breath-by-breath.

Lauren Cohen